Does what happen in Vegas…sorry😅, in Bangkok…Let me try over!☺️…️

Does what happen in bangkok really stay in bangkok!(I hope that’s how the phrase goes🙈). But I don’t think it’s true, millions of people would not be flocking Bangkok every year , not knowing what to expect 😉.

Bangkok is a busy city…a less organized version of Tokyo in terms of everything. There is always traffic of  cars, tuktuk, motorcycles and people especially tourists.There are street markets everywhere, good food 😋, beautiful temples, an out of this world night life, Lady boys (I can’t help it, I always steal a second glance 👀), beautiful ladies, good food (yes, I mentioned it twice😜), the famous Thai  massage parlours ( Thai massage with very  happy endings☺️, guys who’ve been to Thailand can attest to this🙈)  unique markets and malls for shopping.🛍️. ️.etc

It may seem hectic at first glance, but once you join the circus you will find things moving at a very relaxed pace, and eventually you find yourself relaxing and thoroughly enjoying yourself.

What happens in Bangkok…💕

  • Chatuchak market 

In my last blog post, An evening stroll in manchester ,I mentioned how broke I was while I was in Manchester and there was January sales everywhere (bless my broken heart 😩). Imagine my joy of being in bangkok, a purse with cash (local currency –thai baht) and open market full of unique and affordable stuff . I put on a pair of shorts, T-shirt, comfortable walking shoes (might as well enjoy the 30 plus degrees weather) and off I went.


At first glance the market didn’t seem to offer much, but the more I delved into it, the more I did some fine shopping 😬. The market offers unique products, not  easily found in other places. From retro summer dresses, strangely designed sandals (I couldn’t make head or tails of it), shrilling chickens (why…!!?😂), beautiful printed patterns on all type of outfits, random Street performances🤗 , bags, stuffed toys (it was amusing seeing people walking by with shopping bags and teddy bears almost their size tucked under their arms or being carried by the unfortunate boyfriend 😬)…

An elderly seller, after I bought two very quacky pair of eye glasses from him, he was kind enough to throw in a free pair. The freebie had a famous logo on it and when i tried it on it didn’t suit me at all. we smiled awkwardly at each as i returned the pair back to him.. I walked away feeling like I hadn’t bargain enough, which seller in there right mind gives away freebies!? 😤(or am I just a mean person)

  • Thai cuisine

I love with Asian cuisine and Thai food is no exception especially when its arranged cutely on the plate😋. I usually spend more time taking pictures than eating📸But I can never get over the spices and chili especially in their popular Tom yum soup. Am always in tears while eating with a big bottle of water next to me but i’ll finish the dish, trust me.. My flatmate of three years who’s from Thailand keeps trying to make me get used to their spicy dishes but I feel she’s just in it for a good laugh.

You can never attest to being in Thailand, if you didn’t fall in love with one of their  most popular desserts – mango sticky rice. I can only describe it in two words, ‘simple and delicious’.

  • Khao san Road *

Khao san Road is like a city of its own. The best time to visit is during the night. I went with a few work colleagues and I was a bit awestruck as we disembarked from the taxi and into the frenzy of the night . It was very busy, as motorcycles and tuktuks hooted  us out of the way🤗. *Massages parlours were busting with activity that they even  flooded onto the roads. I felt shy looking at their relaxed and content faces, I felt intrusive😳 (I don’t know why).

*Exotic restaurants with very unique and weird interior decorations ( don’t mind me as I just sit here, eating while this random giant statue looks down at me ). *Random Street performances, they just popped out of nowhere, It was surprisingly fun.

*Night markets-My colleagues were very patient as I kept getting lost, and they had to find me every time. (cat and mouse😂).Everything looked so good and affordable, but I made a personal vow not to buy things during the night, cause most times am unhappy with how they look like in the morning. (It was very difficult keeping to my vow, very very difficult😩 ).

The best part of the night was the *night clubs. The clubs were spilling onto the streets, ( am naming it the ‘khao san Street clubs’ 😜). You buy a beer from a street vendor (quite affordable), join the moving crowd and dance the night away. It was quite easy to club hopp when you are in a Street full of clubs, with  different selection of music from 90s hiphop to current hits and just right next to each other!😎


It took quite an effort to go back to the hotel😅

I could on and on, this is not even the scratch of what happens in bangkok.. Am thinking of doing a continuing post . Let me know what you think, on the comment section below .

Stay simple💕