This may come as a surprise but winter is my favourite time of the year. My best excuse is that I was born and raised in a hot tropical country (Kenya🇰🇪) with no clear differences between the yearly seasons that’s why when I encounter winter in other countries I become enchanted 😍.

Don’t get me wrong, I know winter is a dark grey time, with short days barely any sun, ( in some countries people are known to develop depression because of this).

The weather isnt great to begin with…e.g..getting caught in snowy weather, with cold ice pelting down on your face with no respect making you curse your luck. Or when its too rainy and windy that you give up on your umbrella. Or when it gets so cold that you can’t feel your hands and feet anymore but the sky is so clear with the sun shinning making you upset for no reason. (This all happened to me while I was vacationing in Holland, I was regretting my choices, and wanted to fly back to Kenya immediately 😅✈️🌴)

Coming back to the topic…What I love about winter is that it gives me the chance to do what I love the most. Let me list them down, maybe we share the same thoughts😁💕 💖.

Winter fashion

Winter clothes do take a big chunk of space of your wardrobe. When the season starts that’s when you start hunting for them cause you don’t remember where you last shoved them. (I was so happy to find a grey coat, I didn’t realise I had😆).  I love pilling layers upon layers of clothes on😝. Tshirt, sweaters, coats, jackets, leggings, jeans, socks, scarfs, boots…i could go on and on. What’s so great about it, you can easily play with them and come up with your own fashion style.


You’ll discover there is so much you can do with winter scarfs, gloves, hats, boots etc.  A good friend was always mad at me cause I kept saying ”five more minutes” everytime we had to get dressed to go out.  I’ve made it a habit to start dressing up five minutes earlier (doesn’t make much of a difference😏)

Discovering mystic buildings

That’s how I discovered hidden corner museums and cute little bookshops/libraries. Since it’s too cold outside its the perfect time to discover little treasure troves in your area. (Please don’t recommend hanging out in a mall, I don’t like hanging out in them, they blur out and all look the same at one point🙄).

The bookshops (Shakespeare and company paris) I discovered was amazing, I felt I found a piece of heaven (this is from a bookworm perspective 🤓). The museums ( the hermitage museum Amsterdam) was awe inspiring.

Dont be surprised to find this places jam packed with people, I guess cold minds think alike❄️


Its the perfect time to catch up on all the movies and series you had promised yourself to watch or recommended by friends. I still haven’t finished watching The Godfather trilogy (please don’t kill me🙈)


Wait! Wait! Stop right there! It’s not what your thinking. How about having your own bookathon/readathon, in lack of better words binge-reading. A perfect day for me is sitting on my bed/couch under a blanket/cover looking out of my window with the sky covered grey as it rain cuddled up with a good read😍. Bookworms can attest to this📖.

•Adding weight 

I wake up one winter morning to discover am struggling to button up my jeans. I freeze at first wondering what’s going on…only to recollect how I’ve been stuffing myself during the holiday season. I remember the hot thick soups, the meaty, oily dishes, the chocolate desserts 😋. The added weight looks good on me 😅(new years resolution – hit the gym 😩)

Warm beverages 

You can have your tea or coffee or even hot wine but I’ll stick to my one and only love…(Drum roll please🥁) hot chocolate with whipped cream on top🤤. I get funny looks from friends and colleagues when I request this during summer but now that’s it Winter!!,..please let me cause havoc!

That’s why I love winter. Hit me up below on the comment section, I would love to read your comments, ideas, feed back…on this wintery list. Thank you 😊