As a constant female traveler , packing for my trips has always been an issue. Usually, for a specific trip I generally need two to three outfits but I end up with seven or more (ladies can attest to this💁)…Most of it will end up not being touched.
Before my trips my neatly organised wardrobe (am slightly a neat freak😅) ends up on the floor or on my bed, clothes pilling up around my feet as I think on what to wear.

After months of fighting with my suitcase, am finally getting it right (I even offer professional help to first time travellers 😉).

My suitcase is a nutcase ;


Every time am packing, I feel like your telling me to wash the dishes (I hate washing dishes😤). As a woman I always end up packing more than I need (eg this are back up sandals incase something happens to the first one or it ends up not matching my handbag..🤗) Am envious of men, they make packing look like a five minute walk down the park……..its more like an hour long war.

The best solution is writing down a list of what you really need for your trip and try as much as possible to adhere to it (I know its hard ladies☺️) but keep in mind you need to leave some empty space…for that road side souvenir, food stuff grandma will force you to take, for that little shopping you will do for yourself😉.

*Over packing

I’ve seen this happening to alot of people, when am queueing to check in luggage (luggage airport staff take from you and goes inside the belly (cargo)of the aircraft) at the airport.

There is always that one lady who packed more than the allowed weight. Paying for extra luggage is quite a hefty sum, it feels like they tell you to cut your finger.

Sometimes, When am in the mood, I offer to carry some things for them (I usually peer inside their suitcase and wonder why did they pack all those unnecessary clothes👀😑). Make sure you know what your carrying for them, never take things you don’t know what it is…the world can be a cruel place…

* Confiscated items

Once in London Heathrow, they took away my souvenir, a very beautiful snow globe, and my collection of brand new body wash products. I didn’t have time to go back and check them in. I had to look as they threw them into the dustbin (couldn’t they have waited until I walked away😥). I walked into the aircraft crying. Yes, I cried and yes I got curious stares…it was a beautiful snow globe😩.

Remember when travelling, different countries have the different rules. One doesn’t apply to the other. They might be lenient in one place but very strict in another. Make sure to read the rules and regulations on your ticket and about the country you are entering 😌.

* Broken bags

A few years ago, I was travelling with a group for a short holiday to Mombasa . We were standing at the luggage belt (the place where they put your bags from the cargo for collection)…everyone got there luggage except me. We started musing out loud, wondering where was it (was it still in Nairobi!?).

A few minutes later, three security guys drove in, In an airport cart, decked in their usual garb and with their fancy walkie talkies. At this point, they had everyone’s attention. They brought out a suitcase …Barking whom it belonged to. The suitcase was open, spilling with clothes. . I timidly raised my hand. (One of the most embarrassing moments of my life😭).

Invest in a good suitcase😊.

* Spillage

The best thing of constantly travelling the world is you get to discover hidden corners of where to buy things that are original, of good quality and for the best prices. That’s how I end up doing grocery shopping in London, electronics in USA, hair extensions in China😛 etc

My problem is always the liquids, no matter how well I pack them, they eventually find there way out from the bottle (my suitcase now has a big stain, am lucky…it smells like body wash 🙈).

I don’t have a solution for this one…no matter how I pack them, they still leak (am still going through the experimental phase😒).

Let me know in the below section if I missed out on something or you can share some of your interesting Airport experience 💼😄

Don’t forget…keep it simple 😎