It’s my birthday!, it’s my birthday! I’m a spend my money!”. (By feat cody wise).

Who doesn’t love their birthday! ( Let’s not get into the argument that birthdays signify that you’re getting old and bla bla😜). I love my birthday, simply because it’s the one day of the year all the attention is on me😚and I can nag people as much as possible for free goodies.

I was earlier hoping that I would be able to get a few days off from work, so I could have a nice relaxing birthday weekend at home. But I found myself heading to Down Under ( Sydney,Australia) whilst working and spending my birthday weekend, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with sunny warm weather. Yes! 🙌🏾as going to have a blast !😎 and I did!💥

BirThdaY wEEkend, dOWn UnDEr ;🍾

Since I was stuck with my work colleagues for the weekend, I was looking to have fun and one of them suggested we go to Bondi beach. They all seem to know about this beach and trying not to be left behind I did a search on Google😜.

It showed to be one of Australia’s most iconic beaches promising several activities. I got excited seeing this and agreed to go even though I didn’t have a bikini or swimsuit to brag about. I was sure I would find a shop that sells them (it’s like going to carnivore and expecting a vendor selling cotton candy). I hope you get the gist😜 .

A train and bus ride later, my Romanian colleague and I stood atop a hill looking down at a very large beach front and it was simply breath-taking 😍, beaches white Sands was dotted with humans, surfers enjoying the casual waves, cafes, restaurants, pubs, a few joggers running past us and of course warm summer weather! We both shrieked at the same time, full of excitement.

We were blindly running towards the beach, then I remembered that I don’t have swimwear. I dragged my pouting colleague back towards the shops. Luckily, we found a few that sell them, the price was a bit on the higher side.

Since it’s my birthday, let’s spend some money!  😎.

My favourite part of the day was the short walk from Bondi beach to Coogee. The hill top views are stunning, with beaches, natural fauna, cliffs, rock pools and the green/blue ocean below. (It was embarrassing when we both realised we didn’t know which ocean we were looking at😬. Ladies and gents..the Pacific ocean☺️ ). I highly recommend 💗

The following day we decided to go for a celebratory dinner and drinks at the Darling harbour  (two more of my colleagues were joining us). Getting there seemed to be a challenge as most of the trains station were closed(I still don’t know the reason). A train and a bus ride later, we were lost🙃.

Two Korean tourists whom were in the same bus with us, seemed to know where to go. We discreetly followed them ending up on a platform for ferry rides.

The unexpected ferry ride turned out to be quite spectacular, even though we had to do a round trip (Darling harbour turned out to be a few minutes’ walkfrom where we thought we were lost🙃). We got to enjoy the sunset view of the famous Sydney bridge and Opera house , all of us clamouring towards the front trying to get the best pictures.

At some point I stopped taking pictures, with the glistening ocean, the gentle breeze, the sunset and Sydney. I was quick to fall in love and thoroughly enjoyed the ride😌.

Darling harbour was busy and I made a joke that we might be asked if we made a reservation at the restaurant (we never thought that far)😜.  Having never used the ferry, our stop was unfamiliar. But the directional signs came in handy. The harbour was busting with activities, bars were filled up, bridal parties, lots of birthdays parties😎.One blown up birthday balloon was clearly wrong, so were debating if it’s a party for a 3yr old or 30yr old. I argued it’s for a child, with all the toddlers milling around. We stood there for quite a bit as confused adults.🤗

We didn’t queue for the restaurant for too long (I was relieved.I was the one who had suggested the restaurant😅 ). The place was jam packed, we had to talk a bit loudly to hear each other. But the ambience was good, the service was great, and the food delicious. My colleagues were happy with the restaurant choice and vowed to go back. I was happy as well and thoroughly enjoyed my birthday dinner .

A few glasses of wine later…we decided to go clubbing🍾. We couldn’t find any clubs in Darling harbour. We got lost again, asked for directions again only to be told we couldn’t gain entry to any of the clubs in Sydney without proper documentation. I tried arguing am clearly not 18, but we counted our loses and walked away .

Thank you everyone, my family, friends and colleagues for the lovely birthday wishes and the presents. It was an amazing weekend! And cheers to more life adventures and to more birthdays! 🍻🎉

Keeping it simple .🎈