To most ,it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It came highly praised from both friends and colleagues ,and I came prepared with my camera ?and walking shoes ready to investigate whether it was true or not. Together my colleagues and I, managed to pile up alot of findings about the city. Let me break it down for you??‍♀️, a two in one city, Buda and Pest. BUDAPEST.

Any good traveller knows food  ??is always the top most priority!! We stopped by the first restaurant we saw ,’The Hungarian restaurant’ (very original). The friendly staff welcomed us, and quickly settled us in. Notting we were foreigners, the tall waiter recommended some local cuisine ‘Gulak soup’ (a light soup with beef and vegetable pieces) and ‘Beef with dumplings’ ( I changed the name of the dumplings to popcorn because they were the tiniest dumplings I’ve ever eaten). When the waiter brought the meal he quoted according to him a popular joke *’As they say in Hungary, we are always hungry’* (its there version of ‘bon appetite’). We awkwardly laughed along but it wasn’t funny?. The food was delicious, it reminded me of my mum’s cooking as the dishes were quite simple in terms of presentation and spicing.

The  friendly waiter would from time to time come check on his foreign customers. (He came quite frequently). He would ask us how was the food, we would reply it was great, we would continue eating, only realising later that he was still there?*(We really stood, all of us from different ethnic backgrounds, Singapore,Taiwan,Maldives, Belarus and your lovely tall kenyan)*. All in all, it was a lovely experience, he gave us a tour of the classic restaurant, made us take awkward group pictures and made more poor attempts to make funny jokes.

With our bellies full, we began our walk towards ‘River Danube‘, were Budapest famous bridges and buildings are aligned. Our pace was slow at first, being in a new city we admired every little thing, from the people to buildings whilst taking pictures. We were awestruck when we saw a bridge from afar with the glimpses of the sun starting to descend. That’s when we quicken our pace to catch the city with  some light of day.

We slowed our pace when we reached the promenade next to the river. The sight was spectacular, glimpses of the sun through the buildings, small boats gliding on the river, birds competing who’s louder, big ships on the edges turned into restaurants. It was a beautiful sight, and after a lovely meal, I was feeling quite content.

I think it was the first time I’ve ever seen a ‘Hotelship‘. My colleagues and I took a few minutes to debate if it was a movable or a fixed hotel. We got excited as we spyed on the tenants, giggling madly as they unknowingly  went about their business, some were watching TV, others folding their laundry, others having dinner. We got more rowdy as the ‘ship’ started moving. We managed to spot the captain and being tourists we waved madly at him, until he couldn’t ignore us anymore and waved back. The fun part of being a tourist or in a foreign country is that is that you can do weird/embarrassing things and get a way with it.?

We trudged up the famous ‘Chain bridge‘ connecting Buda and Pest. It used to be two separate cities, but was joined together to make the capital for the ‘Austro-Hungarian empire’.(Someone was smart ? enough to come up with the name ‘Budapest’.)
The chain bridge is the first permanent bridge after the Hungarian revolution in 1849. We leisurely walked along the bridge, soaking up the history, and the painted skies illuminating from the sunset. It was beautiful.

The Buda side is where you find the old history of the city, for example the ‘castle hill’ with the ‘royal palace‘, ‘fisherman’s bastion‘ (a monument for fishermen who defended the city in the past) etc. The Pest side is where the future lies,for example the ‘Hungarian parliament building’ its the most beautiful building, the detail is outstanding..and it’s lights up to a beautiful gold colour.

We headed towards Buda, taking a tram up castle hill towards the royal palace, this is to one of the cities view point. Before the tram started moving we jokingly debated who was most scared of heights but we quickly got distracted by the night view of the city. The bridge and the parliament building amazing while they were self illuminating. It was awe inspiring.

After taking so many pictures and even so many selfies, we decided to call it a day. My feet were aching and one of my colleague mentioning that we had walked more than 10km didn’t help matters.

We discussed our findings, and the facts were true. Budapest is one of the most beautiful city in Europe. My favourite part of the day was the never ending sunset, it illuminated different colours in the evening sky. I hope to discover more next time ✨