I know a big fan of the football team (or is it a football club🤔) Manchester United, when he (my older brother ☺️) reads this and finds out I was in Manchester and I didn’t get him one of the club/team jersey…I’ll never hear the end of it🙉.

I have several excuses already planned…one 1️⃣ It was an unplanned trip, I only knew until the very last minute that I’ll be heading to Manchester. 2️⃣It was the day before salary. You know those few days, those two or three days before salary comes out, I had been so desperate, I went through my pockets, bags, drawers, under the bed (yes, I checked 😅) hoping to find some hidden cash somewhere and I never come up with anything 🙃 (story of my life😅)

I hope I can manage with one of the two excuses 😝.

That’s how I found myself in Manchester, grey  cold weather❄️, already coming up with excuses to appease my MAN-U fanatic brother 🙇, waiting for my salary (I suffered greatly, there was end of January sales everywhere 😩) and no clear plans on what to do.

Really what to do…Being in a new city I would never let such a great opportunity pass by. I put on some warm clothes, took a map (let’s not forget my number one helper Google maps💜) and I went for a stroll.

An evening stroll in Manchester 

Three of my work colleagues tagged along ( together we were representing- Korea, Thailand, Russia and of course, kenya 🇰🇪 ) it was their first time in the city and they said”we feel comfortable going with you cause you seem to have a plan’….Eer what plan🤔. ‘Sure…😅’ I seem to have answered (let’s get lost together 🤗).

Luckily Google maps came in handy. We turned into tourists fawning and taking pictures of almost every thing, stopping in the middle of a zebra crossing to photograph a building from its best angle, earning weird looks and upsetting the local people and pedestrian. (It was fun,I like being a tourist) 😂😎.

We got hungry, One of my colleagues, the Korean, spotted a restaurant that came recommended by a fellow korean blogger ( so I couldn’t get much information😊). Thank God! we came across the restaurant, I was tired of fiddling with Google maps pretending to know where exactly we were heading to 😝.

Byron Hamburgers – Its in picadilly gardens, right in the middle where you spot the park with the fountains. The place was jam packed, after a few seconds they managed to find seats for us (That was a positive mark in my judgemental mind👀). The seats were comfortable, right next to the window with a good view. The service was great and fast… I had a beef, mashed ovacado burger ( I don’t remember the rest of the details just found it in the recommendations section of the menu🤗) with a local cider. It was delicious, I highly recommend the place👌🏾😋.

We separated into two groups, one went for shopping 😫😭 and the other went for an evening stroll🚶. You can guess by now which group I was in😛.

Since it was evening, the city seemed more  alive, every corner bustling with activity.Cafes and restaurants were full, buses, cars and British taxis everywhere, local people and tourist on foot, sales everywhere 😩 ( don’t attack me am still sad, I’ll make sure to do some therapy shopping later🛍️😌)

My colleague who went strolling with me (Russian) finally realised am hopeless with direction (hehe😂😜) took charge by asking a random kind ‘English gentleman’ (I’ve always wanted to say that☺️) for directions. At first we were a bit nervous when he followed us but when he pointed us towards the famous Manchester Central library and then turned towards the opposite direction, we felt slightly bad for the judging him😥. (A kind soul).

All was soon forgotten as we rushed into the library, giddy with excitement. Only to be stopped by a bubbly guard saying ‘the library is closing in five minutes’😯. We countered saying it was quarter to five so we have fifteen minutes. ‘Yes, I know’ he continued ‘we require everyone out in five minutes so we can put the chains and locks in the ten minutes’. We couldn’t counter that. So we only managed to see library steps, doors, people walking out, a revolving exit door and a bubbly guard waving us goodbye. 🤗

Feeling more stupified than upset, we walked towards Town hall. It suddenly felt colder and so quickly I put on my gloves. The surrounding area gave off an eerie feeling…it gave off a gothic vibe. I felt like I was in hogwarts, soon I’ll see harry Potter skipping around with his friends. 🌚👻

There was huge sign on the building, it was dark so it took a lot of effort to read it. ‘This building is closed indefinitely, under renovation until 2024’. 

Wait what!! What day is today!?

The ones who are shopping must be fairing of better 😂😂😂

An evening stroll in Manchester. Is it yay 🙌🏾 or nay 🚶? Let me know what think you think on the feedback section below 👇 💕💕