Landing into Rome, I was a bit reluctant to venture out. I was feeling tired after the long night flight (6hrs😛) and it was cold and a bit rainy outside. Some colleagues were planning to go to the Vatican (I’ve been there before🙌🏾) and others to the Colosseum (never been). I needed motivation and I started to look up the Colosseum online. Its history was impressive and I discovered its one of the new wonders of the world. I was shooked, I had no idea! 😅). It was all the motivation I needed.

When in Rome ;

You need to dress the part! Just kidding 😛. You can get away with dressing however you want. It was 13 degrees outside, so a sweater and a light jacket were all I needed. I prefer to visit Rome in winter or spring, it has fewer tourists, so one can really take in the city ( if you don’t mind cold weather). Of course, summer is the best time to visit, but it gets really crowded 😬.

In Rome;

Two colleagues and I took the hotel shuttle bus to the city, from the bus stop the Colosseum was a 15-minute walk. Rome is a beautiful city, we got the chance to see ancient ruins scattered here and there and very nice and interesting architecture. At some point, I got a bit distracted taking pictures and followed a group of tourists. I left my group behind and found the Colosseum, it was smaller than expected. Busy taking pictures, one of my colleagues tapped my shoulder from behind and told that’s not the Colosseum just a look alike😅. To be honest I was embarrassed 😗. The Colosseum was 2 minutes ahead. As we walked away, I realized we forgot to tell the tourists they have the wrong building 😆.

A new wonder of the world; the Colosseum;

The Roman Colosseum, an ancient monument that can hold an average 60,000 spectators. It was used for gladiator contest and public spectacles, it’s usage changed over time. It was a sight to see, especially during the sunset. I took so many pictures 😅. We were too late for the indoor tour( story of my life 😬)
Tip; Don’t trust Google, it says it closes at 7 pm, it was closed by 3.30pm 😑.

Trevi fountain;

You need a map and comfortable shoes. The popular sightseeing stuff is not too far from each other. For example, it takes 15 minutes to walk from the Colosseum to the Trevi fountain. Am sure you’ve heard about this fountain especially in movies ( Lyndsey Mcquire movie☺️) it’s that famous fountain where you throw in a coin facing backward, make a wish and apparently, it comes true ( I will let you know what I wished for when it comes true ☺️, it better come true😆).

Pasta and pizza ;

One thing I love about Europe is their eating culture. Most of their terraces are filled with restaurants full of people and brimming with life. We found a cozy corner restaurant next to the Trevi Fountain. Trying to order in Italian (major fail but the waiter was a good sport😆), I had spaghetti carbonara ( favorite Italian dish☺️), my colleagues, more or less the same and pizza, and of course, wine to go along with it. It was delicious 😋

Spanish steps;

We intentionally saved space in our bellies for dessert. One colleague had recommended getting tiramisu in a dessert store near the Spanish steps. I took gelato ( pistachio and chocolate 😋), its better in winter cause it doesn’t melt😛. The Spanish steps are really enjoyable, especially if you like people watching. It’s much more beautiful in spring cause it’s decorated with flowers 🌹. I didn’t know you can’t eat on the steps, that’s why I was getting weird looks while munching on my gelato 🤔( it was delicious though 😙).

When in Rome do what Romans do, I hope I managed to do even half of it, cause I had a fantastic time😄. Have you been to Rome ( how was your Roman experience) or planning a vacation there? Hit me up below🙌🏾

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