A winter day in Moscow.

The next trip was Moscow and it would be my first time😌. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I’ve heard a lot of exaggerated reports, that it can get really cold in winter, cold enough to burn you 😨. Since it was my first time, I really wanted to go and explore Moscow 😚. I was expecting temperatures of around -20 degrees Celsius, but luckily it was forecasted to be -6 😅 ( Back at home in Kenya 10 degrees Celsius, is deemed as extreme winter 😆).
Dressing up for winter can be a real challenge. I’ve had a lot of failed attempts before. For example, two years back in Stockholm, I had paid for a bus tour for a full day which included random stops. Halfway through I called it quits, my feet were so much pain from the cold, I had developed a weird walking style 🙈 and It was only 6 degrees Celsius. I wasn’t going to fail in Moscow. 😅

Dressing up for winter ;


Staying warm in freezing conditions is all about layering. A pair of jeans, a sweater, and a jacket won’t do. (Trust me I’ve tried 😅). Put on a T-shirt or a long-sleeved t-shirt under your sweater and a pair of tights under your jeans makes a big difference. If possible, try to find ones which are thick and warm, like cotton or fur. Layer up as much as you can but not too much that you can’t move 😜. After many failed attempts, I believe finally got it right cause I kept warm. I ended up wearing one jacket, one thick sweater, two t-shirts, two pairs of tights, a pair of jeans and three pairs of socks😜. Don’t worry, I could move around😅


We have some parts of our bodies that feel colder faster than the rest, that’s why you find yourself subconsciously rubbing your hands together. The feet and the ears are the other points. A thick warm hat, a scarf, a pair of boots (like Uggs) and a pair of gloves really go along way. I like taking pictures and it’s impossible while wearing gloves🤔. I recently bought a pair were only the tips of fingers are exposed and the rest of the hand covered. For the love of taking pictures, it was really worth the investment😅.

•Invaluable investment

You have to spend some money to buy a good winter jacket or shoes. But the good thing about this is that you’ll keep them for years and they really help in cold weather. Make sure it’s a real winter coat, not a jacket for cold days. I’m happy with my investments and when its winter time, I just dig them out from my closet 😆

•keep warm

When your hand and feet start to feel tingly or pain, then you are in a bit of trouble. It means the cold has managed to get through, and it usually doesn’t get better. What I usually do is walk into any store and pretend to be busy😜. The best ones are the clothing stores 😆I can spend as much time as it takes to get warm (I always end up doing some unplanned shopping 😜). I only do this if I can’t find a restaurant or cafe. But a warm drink in hand is the best 👍🏾 (Hot Chocolate 🍪 🙌🏾).

To be honest, maximum I can stay out in cold weather is one hour before I start complaining like the world is ending😗. Do you have any ideas, how to keep warm in such a climate, please do share 🙏🏾😅.

Keep warm💕