Reasons to go to concerts

I have weird taste in music… according to my friends and family😕, but I always counter by saying it’s unique it just doesn’t appeal to everyone 😛.
I love listening to my unique choice of music 🤗 and eventually realized that I could actually go see some of my favourite artists perform. It all started when I went to see Sauti Sol, they are Kenyan based artists. The concert was amazing, good music, good company and great energy from the crowd. Going to concerts is really worth it, it can’t be described the same as watching the artists on YouTube and here are some of the reasons why…

•Live performance
Nothing beats watching your favourite artists or band performing live. You’re inner fangirl/fanboy really comes out 🙌🏾 and the adrenaline rush is amazing! For me, it’s an indescribable feeling especially when I’ve been listening to their songs for months and am at a concert hall waiting for them to step on stage, I usually feel like I might pass out from the excitement 😜.

•Favorite artists/band
Getting the chance to see or meet (depends on your ticket ) your favourite artists after months or years of listening to their music is an out of this world experience. I’ve been listening to Post Malone for the past one year and really love his music (before seeing his picture I thought he was a black person 😅), I was so happy when I got the chance to see him perform live 😊.

A group of people gathered for a celebration with the same interest as you are so much fun. The crowd’s energy is usually amazing and intoxicating🙌🏾. If you like social gatherings this is one of the places to be, everyone is happy and if you’re outgoing you can easily make friends 😊.

Good music is good for the soul (try fighting me on this one😗). You make unforgettable memories, the artist makes you feel they are just there for you and nobody judges you cause you are all there for the same reason (I have two left feet 😬).You can go completely crazy 😜… it’s unforgettable 😉.


The timings for buying the tickets are very important. It depends on how popular the event is, for example, Tomorrowland the three-day event that happens in Belgium every year is very popular, you have to buy the ticket as soon as they are released, lf you delay, they become very expensive😅( Trust me, I tried😆). With one-day events buying last-minute tickets can be very cheap (again it depends on how popular the artist is). But it’s no guarantee you’ll get good seats. I buy them as early as possible cause I like a good seat 😗.


The truth of the matter is the less you pay the further you are to the artist (let’s be honest, not all of us can afford VIP Tickets 😇). Local artist concerts are less expensive than when an international artist is flown in (Going to a Beyonce concert I would have to save for a while 😜). Concerts are usually affordable, I think it’s the will to cough up such amount for such an event. One of my first concerts, I felt the pinch when I was buying the ticket 😙…the concert turned out to be amazing and felt jealous of the people with good seats and got to meet the artist😌. I was very happy with my seat at the Post Malone concert🙌🏾. When you are at a concert you feel value for your money and you’ll be willing to spend more next time👍🏾.

Concerts are an unforgettable, worthwhile and fun. Enjoying something with family, friends, and people with the same interest is so enthralling. Try it once, it’s a great experience. If you already have how was your experience and are you planning to go to another concert…Hit me up below