When I saw I was heading to Helsinki❄️, I got really excited!. I couldn’t wait to see land covered in white as it would my first snow of the year?. The temperature promised to stay lower than minus five, the coldest weather I’ve ever experienced.It sounded extremely cold for me to venture out, being born and raised in the tropics. Despite it all, Helsinki looked like a city with a lot of promises. I had to go out ❄️

We bundled up in many layers of clothes, ready to set out. Our first stop was the popular landmark, the Helsinki Senate Square. Standing in the middle of the square, surrounded by old historic buildings was fantastic, we felt we were part of history as the grey weather added to the ambience.

In my previous years I’ve encountered plenty of snow, But strangely enough I’ve never experienced falling snow. Imagine my surprise when it started snowing. ?

Even with so many layers of clothes, the cold somehow managed to seep through in less than Half an hour. Our hands and feet started to suffer. I regretted why I only wore two pair of socks?. Turning myself into a ball didn’t help.

Desperate to warm up, we found a lovely cafe called the Coffee House. A hot drink saved the day?.

One European culture I fell in love with is fine dining. On a cold day like this, it would be the perfect way to end it. Kappeli restaurant, five minutes from the square, placed in the middle of a white garden, was exactly it.

Another drink to warm up. Cheers!

People in Helsinki are quiet and shy to strangers but share a drink with them you become friends. If I can manage the cold, I’ll try some winter sports?.