Favourite destination, hands down Tokyo! (My favourite keeps changing?) but since my first visit there, am in love! .Tokyo is a beautiful city, full of beautiful people (extremely helpful and kind), amazing food and you can never run out things to do…  A city where you can never see and experience it all, a city full of endless possibilities. Sounds dramatic but that’s Tokyo ?

The easiest and most convenient way to move around is by using the Tokyo metro. It takes some time to get used of the system. The Tokyo metro map has so many lines running through, it looked complicated. After a few rides and helpful Japanese people, i felt ready to tackle the next ride?

As I mentioned earlier since there is so much to do in Tokyo,my philosophy is always select a few things you really want to see,If you want to see everything, you won’t see anything. Our  first stop was the ever crowded and colourful Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. The street towards the entrance is lined with many colourful shops, great for souvenirs.

I’ve visited many places and in every destination, I always try to do something unique. Something that would always remind me of that city. That’s how I ended up dressed in kimono.You can rent one for a day at an affordable price. There are so many shops to do so around the temple.

A few friends tagged along.It makes it even more fun as you all turn into centres of attraction.

My favourite spot in Tokyo is the Shibuya crossing. When we reached there, the no crossing signs were on. We stood there not expecting much as we waited to the lights to turn green. As they turned green, we were so overwhelmed we crossed the road not even knowing where we are going?.

The best place to view the crossing is from Starbucks. It’s not easy finding a seat as it’s a popular place, we had to wait a few minutes to find one. Grab you favourite Starbucks drink (hot chocolate ?) , enjoy the free WiFi as you look down on the crossing. The view is better in the evening when the crossing is full of people.

Next stop was Tokyo tower, you have the grand view of the whole city. It not much to look at during the day. It was lovely having a nice view of it, while sitting in a cafe by the river.

The tower really lights up during the night.

My friend suggested we go to the purikura machines since she’s been to Japan before. We gave her the look, what is purikura!? There are floors dedicated to photo booths that make you look kawaii(super cute in Japanese)! They are very popular in Japan. There so many different types of machines. You can easily choose a theme you want. The machines allow you to try out different poses, edit the pictures and make nice framework around the pictures.

Let’s not forget about food. Japanese food is… No words can describe, you have to experience it. We went to a local restaurant in the streets of shibuya. I requested a platter the main dish was fried rice. When the lady brought the food,  the pictured menu and the dish looked different. They had to explain that I have to quickly mix it before it turned cold, for it to look like the picture ?.

The above mentioned is just the tip of the ice when you have the chance to go to Tokyo. I have only been there twice, and already looking forward to my next trip. Hopefully, in April when its cherry blossom season.

If given the chance I would move there!