It never feels like the Christmas holidays until I see the Coca-Cola Ad, with the song ‘Holidays are coming!…holidays are coming!’ Then it’s Christmas. So when given the choice of visiting the world’s largest aquarium or the 1st Coca-Cola company…cocacola easily won?. I was greedy for another Christmas in January in the warm city of Atlanta. ☃️

After a very lovely and heart warming welcome  video, about Coca-Cola not just being a drink but its all about sharing the best of life experiences, We ran into one of the most memorable and iconic faces of Coca-Cola, the polar bear. We were so excited, wanting to take a picture with him but its was only kids lining up to do so. I felt embarrassed to join the queue, with the kids parents looking on. We decided to keep a look out until all the kids where done and gone, so we could take a picture.

The minute you enter the building you are welcomed with free Coca-Cola drinks.We got a warning from one of my colleagues that we shouldn’t drink too much of the fizzy drinks or we’ll feel sick on the flight back home. That warning was never meant to be remembered, we drank our Coca-Colas.

We saw the crowd heading in one direction, they seemed to know where there are going and we followed them????‍♀️??. We went into the ‘Vault’, where the world’s most well hidden secret is kept. It was full of clues set up in old school drawers, modern touch screens…etc. It was up to us to find the secret hidden formula that is used to make Coca-Cola ?.

My favourite theme was My coke art.It’s like a kiosk that enables you to make your own art design based on the Coca-Cola bottle. They have many different styles to play with, pop culture seemed to be the most popular. Once your done, you can save it and it goes directly to the gallery, where other people can see your work??.

The next room took you back through time. Its all about the history of Coca-Cola. The first bottle, the classic fridges, the old school transport vans,the first Coca-Cola advertisement..etc It was quite educative and you come to appreciate the many years of Coca-Cola.

Our last entry was all you can drink, fizzy drinks from the Coca-Cola company from all around the world. We were squealing as we reached for the disposable plastic cups. The drinks were divided into continents then further subdivided into countries, I started with Africa?. Some drinks like ‘stoney’ suddenly popped up from my childhood. We thoroughly enjoyed tasting every continent. I was too full by the time we reached South America.

We said goodbye to Coca-Cola as we stacked ourselves with useless souvenirs. One our way out we found a statue honoring the inventor of   Coca-Cola in 1886, Dr. John pemberton. We took a commemorating picture with him. We had thoroughly enjoyed Coca-Cola and we wanted to keep as many memories as possible.

Don’t forget share a drink, share a Coke….I sound just like the ads ?.